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Loqbox joins Tech for Good

Dec 2, 2020

Loqbox has been selected as one of the rising stars in the South West region to gain from its global Tech for Good Programme. It will allow the business to showcase their technology on the global stage.

Tech for Good South West is a first of its kind intensive programme to participate in 'virtual' trade visits to the US, India and Singapore.

These markets have been specifically selected by the team of expert advisers due to the breadth of in-market opportunities available for UK companies. Loqbox will be pursuing the opportunities available to them in the US section of the programme after launching their proposition to 80% of Americans earlier this year.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Loqbox, Gregor Mowat said:

“We are delighted to be included in the Department for International Trade, Tech4Good export programme and virtual trade mission to the US. We have ambitious goals that we know we will achieve, but we believe that our progress will be faster and our journey smoother with our inclusion on this programme.

This will enable us to execute on our mission faster. We want to explore what other scaling growth opportunities are out there and learn from peers who have experienced similar journeys so we can learn and develop our proposition further to really help people to take back control of their finances”.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Loqbox, Tom Eyre Continued:

“Our growth plans don’t just focus on developing our existing proposition. We want to take our technology and innovation to the next level and do more to empower people.

We launched Loqbox in the US earlier this year, which is the only free credit building solution (irrespective of where they bank) across 40 states of America. Now more than 80% of Americans have the chance to build their credit score while they save money without it costing them anything.

We are absolutely thrilled to be included in this programme as it will give us greater opportunities to explore the US in more detail and will help us to take our next steps towards achieving our mission of ending financial exclusion globally”.

CEO of Loqbox U.S.A, Brent Matson said:

“Inclusion in this programme is incredibly important to us at Loqbox, and the timing is also very important. The current downturn in the global economy is going to have a significant impact on people’s (financial) lives.

We already know that Loqbox actually gives people the chance to change their lives - we want to develop and grow to the next level of our maturity within the United States, and this opportunity will allow us to learn and grow from the expertise and experiences of others”.

As the largest tech market globally, the US is one of the most important partners to the UK in terms of exports, investment and collaboration in the digital economy. An abundance of early adopters combined with significant market size and sophistication makes the US an ideal test-bed for innovative UK tech. The US presents opportunity across all areas of technology-enabled positive change from healthcare, environmental to social issues.

This accelerator programme will involve education, networking and sales development through a series of virtual activities in the UK and each market. The programme is supported by DIT South West’s levelling-up programme.

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