Our mission

Giving everyone access to a richer life

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One huge global problem

Everyone interacts with money. Only a few enjoy a happy, healthy relationship with it. Most people do not.

Not having a healthy, happy relationship with money brings anxiety, stress and an inability to achieve our goals. Money can be a big problem for many.

We’re here to solve this

On average our members build a savings pot of £528 in a year
Grow their credit score
by 197 points
80% feel more knowledgeable, motivated or confident about money
Meaning they're more likely to go on and achieve the goals that really matter to them.
And of course, we also help our members to save £10,000s on credit.

Your borrowing

A 70 point increase could save you...*

A 300 point increase could save you...**

personal loan



credit card balance






* Based on the difference in interest rates achievable with Poor and Fair credit ratings.
** Based on the difference in interest rates achievable with Poor and Good credit ratings

We’ve already helped over two million
people live a richer life

A happier, healthier relationship with money

We want to help our members to feel less worried about money
We want to help our members to feel more comfortable discussing their money
We want to give our members the tools to help them achieve their personal financial goals
We want to expand our members’ knowledge of good financial practices

What we stand for

Keep it real
We keep it simple and make it straightforward. No jargon. No nonsense. No exceptions. And because we want to give everyone a way to make the financial system work for them, honesty is our only policy. We always say what we’re doing, and do what we’re saying.
Always be kind
We believe in doing good and doing good business. So, as well as helping people to improve their financial wellbeing, we’re helping to make the world a better place. In everything we do, we want to foster a community that supports each other in building the society we want to live in. And we want to be the place where everyone can have honest, open conversations about money.
Take people with you
We give people the tools they need to move closer to the goals that really matter to them. Where previously they might’ve been blocked, we’re giving them a way to move forward and take positive action. We’re supporting them on their journey, helping them grow in confidence and knowledge one step at a time.

Our manifesto

Money. From health to happiness, personal relationships to professional ambitions, it plays a huge role in all our lives.
How we see and feel about money impacts how we see ourselves and how we feel in ourselves.

How we value our own self-worth. It’s that important. But, for one reason or another, we’re just not comfortable talking about money.

Money is the last taboo. But we’re changing that.

We’re opening up the money conversation. Because from persisting pay gaps to the deepening cost of living crisis, talking openly and frankly about money is more important than ever. At Loqbox we’re giving everyone access to a richer life. But a richer life can only happen when you’re healthy and in control of all aspects of your wellbeing: physical, mental and, yes, financial.

And while most of us understand the importance of looking after the first two - and are comfortable talking about them - we sometimes overlook the third.

We’re changing this. Where once we lacked the confidence or knowledge, we’re now giving everyone the tools they need to build, maintain and strengthen their financial health.

We’re kickstarting the money conversation. Putting control back into the people’s hands. Because for everyone here at Loqbox, money is about more than money. It’s about our individual wellbeing and overall financial health.

2025 Fintech Pledge

We’re part of the 2025 Fintech Pledge (pledge2025.org) to help tackle the UK’s cost-of-living crisis. With one in four adults in financial trouble or at the brink of difficulty (FCA, Oct 2022), the pledge’s ambition is to support circa 20% of the UK population that has been or may be affected by the cost-of-living crisis.