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With an improved credit history you can save £1,000s on mortgages, loans and credit cards!

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Improvements to your credit score are not guaranteed. Missing payments to Loqbox or other credit accounts may harm your score.

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Make your rent count!

It doesn't matter if you pay rent to a letting agent, a private landlord or to your local council.

Just connect your bank account, tell us your rent date and amount, and we'll do the rest.

We report your regular rent payments to Experian
— helping you to build a better credit history over time.

Boost your borrowing power with your regular rent payments

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For just £2.50 a week you'll get access to all our credit building features including Loqbox Rent.

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Securely link your bank account to Loqbox Rent so that we can identify your rent payments.

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Make your rent payments as normal each month and we’ll automatically report them to Experian.

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An improved credit history means better rates from lenders on loans, credit cards and mortgages.

Loqbox Rent can help you achieve your big money goals

Everyone has a big money goal. And Loqbox is always busy creating new ways to help you live a richer life (whatever that looks like for you).

Whether it’s getting your foot on the property ladder, planning a wedding or going on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday — having a better credit history can help you achieve it.

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One simple price, a world of opportunity

More than a credit builder. As a Loqbox member you get so much more. All for only £2.50 per week.
Loqbox Rent
Make your rent count.
We'll report your monthly rent payments to Experian to help build your credit history.
Loqbox Save
Build your credit score just by saving.
We'll report your regular savings to Experian, Equifax and TransUnionPlus full Loqbox members get a free Flexi-Unlock after 26 weeks.
Loqbox Coach
Get your tailor-made financial plan.
Plus regular emails with all of our handy tips and tricks to live your best financial life.
Points Promise
We'll aim to improve your score by at least 25 points in your first year, or we'll give you £25.

That's our promise to you.
Loqbox Grow
Grow your credit history by reporting your membership payments. On average Loqbox Grow increases your credit score by 125 points in six months.
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Some helpful things to know

What does
'credit history' mean?

Your credit history is basically a record of how you've managed credit in the past.

Whether you've taken out lots of credit before, or just a little, your credit history shows all the payments you've made towards things like loans, car finance plans and mobile contracts. And it also shows any payments that you might have missed.

Banks or lenders may look for a strong history of credit to decide you're a safe choice to lend to.

It takes time to build a credit history (this is a marathon, not a sprint). But Loqbox Rent can help build your credit history by reporting your regular rent payments to Experian every month.

How is my credit history different to my credit score?

Your credit history shows how you’ve managed credit in the past.

Your credit score is essentially a number that represents the strength of your credit history. It’s a way for us (the public) to understand how a lender or bank may view us. It helps to give a general idea of how creditworthy we are.

There are three main credit reference agencies in the UK — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Each uses its own scoring system, so you’ll likely have three different credit scores.

But fundamentally, what you need is a history of good credit management to show lenders you can be trusted to handle credit well again.

What if my
circumstances change?

Firstly, don't worry! We understand it can be stressful when our living situations change suddenly.

Whether that's your landlord changing the rent price, or if it's the end of your tenancy agreement — just let us know and we'll take action.

We're on your side! Our goal is to help you build your credit history, not diminish it. With Loqbox Rent, you can build your credit history the stress-free way.

Why do you only report to Experian?

Loqbox Rent was developed to help our members.

We know that sometimes life goes a little off-track — it could be that your rent price might change, a bank transfer might fail or you move house.

We report to Experian because they offer flexibility if anything does go a little wrong. And we'll make sure that it won't negatively affect your credit history. It's a win-win with Loqbox Rent!

Which banks does
Loqbox Rent work with?

We currently support the following banks:

AIB, Amazon Mastercard (NewDay), American Express, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Scotland, Barclaycard, Barclays, Brits Money, Cahoot, Canvas, Capital One Open Banking, Cashplus Open Banking, Cater Allen Open Banking, Chase, Chelsea Building Society Open Banking, Citibank, Coinbase, Coutts Open Banking, Creation Cards Open Banking, Cynergy Bank Open Banking, Danske, Deutsche Bank, Dragon (Trilogy), Open Banking, First Direct Open Banking, Ghana International Bank, Global Reach Group, gohenry, Halifax Open Banking, Handelsbanken, HSBC, ING, Intelligent Finance, John Lewis Partnership Card, Lloyds, Marks and Spencer Open Banking, MBNA Open Banking, Mettle Open Banking, Money Mona, Monzo, Morses Club, Nationwide Open Banking, NatWest, PensionBee, Permanent TSB Open Banking, Post Office Card by Capital One, Punjab National Bank, RBS, Revolut, Sainsbury's Open Banking, Santander Open Banking, Scottish Widows, SG Kleinwort Hambros Open Banking, Smile, Sparkasse, Starling, TalkRemit, Tesco Open Banking, The Big Exchange, The Co-operative Bank Business, The Cumberland Open Banking, The One Account Open Banking, thinkmoney, Tide Business, Triodos Bank, TSB Open Banking, TurkishBank UK, Ulster, Unity Trust Bank, Vanquis Open Banking, Virgin Money, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, Wise, Yorkshire Building Society Open Banking.

If you can't see your bank account listed here, contact our support team to see if it's available. We're always working hard to improve our services and hope to have your bank listed soon.

Feeling a bit nervous about Open Banking?

We understand! It can be nerve-wracking when new technologies are developed, especially when your finances are involved.
So let us help to ease any concerns:

Loqbox Rent uses Open Banking technology to identify your rent payments.

We won't keep information on your financial transactions beyond looking for your confirmed rent payments. Loqbox Rent uses Open Banking technology to identify your rent payments through our partner, Moneyhub. You can read more about this here.

All you have to do to use Loqbox Rent is let us know when your rent is due, how much it is and reconnect your bank every 90 days (we'll send you a reminder).

It's as straightforward as that!

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