Switch and save on your energy bills

Switching to a different energy supplier is on one of the easiest ways you can make big savings. Finding a better deal online is a doddle. Learn how in under two minutes – from the experts at LOQBOX.


Do you pay the energy bills in your house? If so, are you sure you’re getting the best deal?

If you’ve stuck with the same deal for a while, the chances are you’re paying too much. A simple switch could be all it takes to save hundreds on your fuel bills.

There are plenty of online switching services that can help you find a better deal for gas or electricity, including uSwitch. See how much you could save by switching today.


Compare energy prices with uSwitch.com


(Cards on the table: we get paid a little when people use the referral link above, so it’s a great way to save yourself money and help keep LOQBOX free for our users at the same time.)


This post was written and compiled by the credit experts behind LOQBOX – a completely free way to build your credit history by saving a little each month. To sign up or read more about the clever way LOQBOX works, head to LOQBOX.co.uk.

This is part of our Two-minute Money blog series – unlocking the secrets of the financial system, two minutes at a time.

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