Are you using insurance to keep your savings safe?

Having something saved for a rainy day is a smart move. But insurance could save you from ever having to dip into your emergency savings. Get the lowdown in under two minutes – from the experts at LOQBOX.

While you probably don’t need to insure everything in your life, there are a handful of insurance types you really shouldn’t be without. These are our ‘Big Three’.


Home insurance

This generally gets broken down into two parts. If you own your home, buildings insurance covers you for any damage. If you rent, your landlord should have buildings insurance, so you only need to provide contents insurance to cover your own belongings.

Contents insurance can also cover your property outside the home (things like lost jewellery, a broken phone or a stolen bike).


Car insurance

This is a legal requirement for all drivers, with cover tending to be in one of three categories: Fully comprehensive, Third party, fire and theft, or Third party. This is a simple one – if you have a car, you need insurance!


Life insurance

Thinking about what happens when you’re no longer around may not be very appealing, but life insurance could be crucial for those you leave behind. If you have a mortgage or a family, you need to seriously consider the benefits of life cover.

Insurance can feel like you’re paying for nothing, and gambling on a worst-case scenario that may never happen. But, by living without insurance, you’re already gambling with your hard-earned savings. All three examples above could help keep your savings safe for when you really need them.


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