Are you invisible to the credit system?

If you’re struggling to get hold of your credit file, you might be ‘invisible’ to the system, meaning the Credit Reference Agencies can’t find you. Time to fix it. Learn how in under two minutes – from the experts at LOQBOX.


Here are the steps you need to take if you can’t get a credit report from one or more Credit Reference Agency (CRA).

Contact the CRAs. They might be able to solve the problem for you right away.


Get your statutory credit report online or by post. Each CRA must provide this by law, but can charge £2 for it. It’s basic, but a good starting point. 


Get on the electoral roll. It’s great way to make the system aware of you. Here’s how to do it. 


Now try getting your credit report again with ClearScore, CreditWise, Credit Club and Noddle. If it still doesn’t work, wait two months for the system to update and have another go.


This post was written and compiled by the credit experts behind LOQBOX – a completely free way to build your credit history by saving a little each month. To sign up or read more about the clever way LOQBOX works, head to

This is part of our Two-minute Money blog series – unlocking the secrets of the financial system, two minutes at a time.

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