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Loqbox improves your credit score with all three of the UK's main Credit Reference Agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

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The credit agencies want proof that you can make regular payments. Loqbox makes it easy, automatic, and free.

Here's how it works:


You want to build your credit score and can afford to save £20 per month - so £240 over the year


At the start of the year, Loqbox Loans you £240. But, the money stays locked away in your Loqbox account (hence the name).


Over the year, you pay £20 a month into your Loqbox account to pay back the loan.

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But here comes the clever bit... Each month, Loqbox reports to the credit agencies (the companies that track and publish your credit score), that you've made your repayments, which increases your credit score.

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After 12 months, the loan is paid off and, presto - you have access to the £240 you saved and a shiny new credit score.

Join 1,000,000 others and start growing your credit score today.

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Our credit building plans

Credit building with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
Build your savings
Personalised financial plan and money tips
No hard credit check
Change or cancel your plan at anytime


Our plan to get you started

  • Grow your credit score by 91 points on average in the first year (just activate Loqbox Save and start saving at least £20 per month)
  • Withdraw your savings into a new bank account with one of our partners to keep this completely free for you
  • Or if you’d rather use an existing account, it’s just £30 for your complete credit-building journey


Our quickest and biggest
improvement plan

  • Grow your score by up to 300 points in 3 months
  • Full access to our powerful credit-building tools
  • Make your rent count by using it to build your credit history
  • Boost your credit score by 25 points in the first year or we’ll give you £25
  • Withdraw your savings into an existing bank account for free (usually £30)
  • Priority support every step of the way – Our team is on hand for you 6 days a week, 8am-8pm
  • 14 day money back guarantee