What is your one big goal?

Nov 30, 2020

Multitasking is overrated.

When it comes to working on our goals, it’s much easier to focus on completing them one at a time.

You’ll feel much less overwhelmed with one big goal, and taking steps towards achieving it will feel easier. The thought of achieving one big goal is also much more powerful and motivating than lots of little goals.

The big goal has more meaning for us. That’s why choosing one big goal increases your likelihood of success.

So something to think about is: What do you want your one big goal to be? What do you want to work towards? Here are some ideas.

Ideas for your one big goal

1. Buying a home

Spending more time indoors as a result of the pandemic has fostered a new appreciation for our homes and living spaces as they become more multifunctional than ever before.

We don’t just sleep and eat here, lots of us are working from home and spending increasing amounts of our free time here too.

Many people hoping to become first-time buyers soon have bought forward their plans as they’ve been able to add to their savings for a deposit during the various lockdowns.

2. Reskilling for a career change

Many people are looking to reskill with a view to making a career change.

Why? Perhaps they’ve had a lockdown epiphany that they’re in the wrong career, and now with more time on their hands (because of Covid-19 restrictions) they have the ability to do something about this.

Financially, if you’re hoping to reskill, then having some money saved up to pay for any courses you might need to make that career change — or to bolster your household income were you to reduce your work hours to make more time for studying — would make achieving this goal a lot easier. And is therefore a great place to start.

3. Start a business

Entrepreneurs see opportunities within every challenge. And the last year or so has certainly not been short of challenges.

The pandemic has really shaken up how we do things on Planet Earth. From healthcare, to technology, and politics to the economy, nothing has been left untouched by its shockwaves.

For those wanting to start their own business, and with an eye for innovation, now might be the right time.

4. Buy a new car

Maybe you’ve wanted to buy a new car for a long time but haven’t managed to achieve the discipline required to save towards your goal.

Is this the year you commit to getting some new wheels? A car can help you escape the city and explore the wilderness at a time when we’re all craving a little fresh air.

5. Go travelling

Cancelled plans were a hallmark of 2020, leaving us all itching to plan a holiday and getaway.

The world will hopefully be open again soon though so if your one big goal is to go travelling then this is a great time to make a plan to save up the money you’ll need to do so.

6. Get financially fit

When our personal finances are a mess it can negatively impact our lives in so many ways.

From our relationships to our physical and mental health, not having a grip on our money can cause us problems.

Whether you want to clear your debts, or build your credit score so that you can access better deals on a whole range of financial products, choosing to get financially fit as your one big goal might be the healthiest decision you ever make.

7. Save for a wedding

Lots of couples have had their wedding plans postponed, others, having become newly engaged, are just getting started with their planning.

Whereas wedding invitations might have felt too fast and frequent to your friendship group prior to 2020, everyone is now desperate for a big party and the chance to socialise.

Are we going to have an era of big post-lockdown weddings once the pandemic is over? Is yours going to be one of them? The average cost of a wedding in the UK is now £16,005 (excluding the honeymoon and engagement ring). So if it is, it’s time to start saving!

8. Start a family

Lockdown sent us all indoors, and those living with their other halves were presented with new opportunities for bonding.

With more time at home, and more savings, is this the year you make a plan to start your own family, or add to it?

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