Our one big goal for 2021: How to work on goals together

Jan 4, 2021

Many of the big goals in life are multiplayer. Rather than go it alone, we might team up with our partner to buy a house or start a family. Or start a business or go travelling with our friends. In these situations we need to work together to make our collective dreams come true. But it’s not always easy. Here are seven steps to help you work on your goals together.

Here are 7 steps to work on your goals together

Working on our goals together helps you to get there quicker than going it alone, and you will likely have more opportunities for fun along the way. Not to mention it’s much easier to stay motivated, and to keep going through the tough times when you’re working with others on a shared goal.

1. Commitment

When selecting your one big goal, it’s important that you’re equally committed to wanting to make it happen. Make a promise to each other that you’ll see it through. And try to reaffirm that commitment regularly to keep it fresh and top of mind.

2. Make a plan together

A goal without a plan is just a dream. So take your first steps towards realising your goal by making a plan to achieve it. Be sure to cover everything that needs to happen, and when. And make sure the timeline works for everyone involved. For instance, if someone has a big project coming up at work, or final exams at university, they’re unlikely to find as much time to be working on this. It’s only fair to them, and to you (so that you don’t feel like you’re doing everything), that this is accommodated for in the plan.

3. Decide who’s doing what

Once you have your plan, make a decision as to who is doing what. Be super clear in your decisions to avoid creating confusion that may turn into arguments.

4. Don’t let each other down

Now you have a plan, and have decided who is doing what — all that’s left to do is actually do it. Making sure you each hold up your end of the bargain by doing what you said you would is really important. Not only will you be motoring towards the achievement of your goal — you’ll also be building trust. And lots of it.

5. Celebrate the little wins together

One of the best things about working on a goal with others is that you’ll always have someone to celebrate the little wins with along the way — and someone who cares as much about the progress you’re making as you do. This can be really motivating, and a great opportunity for you to spur one another on towards the finish line.

6. Stick together through the tough times

Another way that working on a goal with others can make you more likely to succeed than doing it on your own is that you’ll have each other for support during the more challenging times. You can be each other’s Agony Aunts and cheerleaders. Helping each other to get back up and try again when you encounter setbacks.

7. Win together

This bit is obviously the one you’ll look forward to the most. When you achieve your one big goal together your relationship will likely be taken to a whole new level. Whether you’re working on a goal with your partner, friend or a family member — having gone on that journey together, and made it through all the challenges before reaching your destination can really transform relationships for the better.

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