Money Goals

Money Goals: A 22-year-old mum building her emergency savings

Feb 4, 2021

Occupation: Stay at home mum

Industry: None

Age: 22

Location: Wolverhampton

What is your money goal?

To be able to save money and always have something to fall back on if times get difficult.

Why is that important to you?

There’s nothing worse than having a bill come through or something important in your house breaking and you don’t have the money or credit to replace it. It’s important that there’s money put aside for those occasions and to have good credit in which Loqbox made a good difference in mine.

How much progress have you made so far?

My credit score was sitting at 87 when I first signed up to Loqbox, now at the end of my Loqbox year it’s 196 which is a massive improvement! I only set my payment at the lowest of £20 but it’s great having a bit of savings (£240) at the end of the year!

What is your current situation with regards to your credit score?

My credit score was very bad to begin with but it is getting a lot better, though I will be making a new Loqbox just to keep boosting it.

What challenges are you experiencing in reaching your goal? (Be honest)?

Saving money, I struggle to save money so Loqbox is a great way of saving money!

How would it feel to reach your goal?

It would feel great as I’d be able to access more, and better credit offers.

How has your attitude to money changed since working on your goal?

It has changed a lot.

One thing you’d do differently next time?

I’d make my payments on Loqbox higher so that at the end of the year I have more savings!

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