Money Goals

Money Goals: 20-year-old wanting to buy something without feeling guilty

Feb 3, 2021

Occupation: Substation engineer

Industry: Engineering

Age: 20

Location: London

What is your money goal?

To have a good credit score, healthy savings, and to buy something and not look at my bank account after.

Why is that important to you?

Because I know I can save, but 2020 was a difficult year for me — 2021 should be a year of growth and gains.

How much progress have you made so far?

A lot, after only one months pay cheque I’ve already got money saved and some in my account for spending!

What is your current situation with regards to your credit score?

It’s grown over 100 points, I’m amazed! 🥳

What challenges are you experiencing in reaching your goal? (Be honest)?

Saving money, I keep getting parking tickets and having to buy extra stuff which finishes my money, as well as the fact that I’m not good at saving it.

How would it feel to reach your goal?

Amazing, I would feel like I have another aspect of my life under control.

How has your attitude to money changed since working on your goal?

I know that the money I have is mine until it’s someone else’s turn to use it, but it does take you a long way in this life so we need to spend/ invest it wisely.

One thing you’d do differently next time?

Make sure I get no parking tickets!

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