Money Goals

Money Goals: A 49-year-old making a career change

Aug 2, 2021

Occupation: Part-time PA and part-time Nutrition Student

Industry: Creative Arts

Age: 49

Salary: £16,000

Location: Wiltshire

What is your money goal?

To save money to cover new business costs after a career change to become a Nutritional Therapist.

Why is that important to you?

I'm finally doing something for me but it will also help other people!

How much progress have you made so far?

I've paid off my £10,000 educational bill and now need to pay off around £1,500 in debt before I can start saving.

What is your current situation with your credit score?

502 out of 700 with Equifax but 997 out of 999 with Experian!

What challenges are you facing? (Be honest.)

I need to do some housekeeping by closing down old accounts, credit cards and setting up minimum payments on my current credit card and Next account (almost paid off!).

How would it feel to reach your goal?

I’d feel elated, proud and optimistic.

How has your attitude to money changed since working on your goal?

I’m now smarter about money. And no longer keeping my head in the sand. Being in control of money avoids the situation becoming overwhelming, and keeps it manageable. I'm optimistic now. Loqbox has really helped with action points and guidance in making this change.

One thing you’d do differently next time?

Take my head out of the sand and set a goal sooner.

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