Money after Covid

Jun 26, 2021

The pandemic has changed all of us. The way we think, feel and how we act has shifted over the past year and a half. And now we’re here. Restrictions are lifting and we’re looking forward to getting back out there. We can’t wait to hug our loved ones and start going on holidays again. And outside of the special events we’re planning, in our daily lives too, our priorities may have changed quite a bit. Lots of us have a renewed focus on things that make us happy and give us meaning, and that might mean making big changes to how we were living pre-pandemic.

As we’re busily putting together our visions for our new lives, we inevitably find ourselves pausing to ask the all important question: what about money? Where does that fit into the conversation?

Financially, Covid has impacted us all differently. Some stories are heartbreaking. People have lost their homes or their businesses, and under the stress, relationships have broken down. Some have been furloughed. Others have continued working while complying with restrictions, perhaps from home. Critical workers have kept all of the country’s essential services running. Some people have been able to save more money than they usually would given they’ve not been able to go out and spend quite so much on holidays or socialising. Others have spent their savings to tide them over.

Wherever you’re starting from now, have hope that better days are coming.

Design your life

When crazy, unexpected events like pandemics occur, everything changes. And us humans aren’t great at change. But as we also have a once in a lifetime opportunity here to redesign our lives how we want them to be, we shouldn’t let our fear of change cause us to miss out. A difficult time though it may be, it’s a great chance to set a new path.

Get back on track, or set a new one

All goals take money to be achieved, so now’s the time to face into your finances to understand where you’re at currently. Many feel that Covid has set them back financially. So the first thing to do is to create a plan to get yourself back on track. And from there, set a course to achieve your vision for what you want your life to be like now the world is opening up again.

Perhaps your goals are completely different to what they were pre-pandemic. And if they are, make that change in your personal finances to enable it. But remember to give yourself the flexibility to adapt to things as they continue to evolve. This makes it much easier for you to stick to your plan, whatever happens next.

Achieve your goals

‘Achieve your goals’ is a very big and emotional statement. And although inspiring, the thought of it can also be overwhelming. Try to lessen that sense of having a mountain to climb by focusing on just the next step. Break down your journey from where you are today to where you want to be into little bitesize chunks to make working towards it easier and more achievable for you.

Anything is possible

You really can do it! That the pandemic happened is proof that anything can happen, good as well as bad. And that includes getting the life you want. Getting on top of your money management to enable your progress is the best way to begin laying the foundations you’ll come to rely on to get there.

You can do it, Loqbox can help

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