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Lisa's Loqbox story

Sep 28, 2018

We sat down with Loqboxer Lisa to hear her thoughts about her own journey towards building a better credit history with us.

Hi Lisa. Thanks for chatting with us. What do you do for a living?

I work in marketing.

So when you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

Travelling, shopping, cooking, being out with the kids. I’ve got three kids, 13, nine and five.

I’m keen to hear about your situation prior to opening a Loqbox.

I was basically just trying to improve my credit score, which I check on Noddle, and it came with an option for Loqbox. There were a few different credit builders but most of them had a monthly fee, and yours was the only one that seemed legitimate and it was free, so I set it up and away I went.

What was your credit history like?

To be fair, I’m good at paying things, but I got in a relationship a few years back that got me in a lot of debt and ruined my credit rating, so I’m trying to repair it from there.

How was the signup journey?

It was all pretty simple and straightforward.

Did you have any initial reservations or questions you wanted answered?

No, not really. I had a good look through to make sure it was a legitimate company. I wouldn’t have just handed over my money over to anyone and it all seemed fine. I check it every little while as well just to see what’s in my Loqbox.

When you get to the end of the year do you know what your plans will be with the money you’ll have saved up?

No doubt it’ll go on a holiday! I’d quite like to do Vietnam. Last year what I did was I saved up all my £5 notes for a whole year and I literally put them all away, and in February this year my daughter and I went off to Thailand. You don’t miss £5, but we counted it at the end of the year – I was like wow, and off we went!

When you signed up, what were your immediate thoughts afterwards?

I was quite relaxed about it really as I only signed up to save £40 a month. I might do it again next year and put a bit more in, depending on what my circumstances are, but it all seemed to be pretty straightforward. I keep telling people about it, but people are so sceptical. They’ll just say ‘Oh no, I’m not interested – it’s too much hassle’, things like that. When really it’s free to do and you can be saving a bit of money at the same time.

Have you checked your credit score since you’ve signed up and seen any kind of improvement?

Yeah, it has improved. The score itself has improved. I’m not sure by how much – I do my ratings on a couple of different ones.

Well, hopefully, you’ll get to use your savings to go to Vietnam as planned. Do you know what the process is to unlock your Loqbox?

I’ve been on the site. I presume you just click the ‘Unlock’ button.

Yes, and there are two ways to unlock. We can pay every penny of your savings into a brand new account with one of our partner banks, or into an existing account when you pay £30 for our premium Flexi Unlock feature. We get paid by the banks for opening a new account, which is how we keep Loqbox free for customers. What do you think? Does that make sense?

Yeah, absolutely. I don’t mind having another account, so I’ll probably get it paid into a new account.

How do you think we should notify people about unlocking? Do you think the sooner the better?

It probably would be better to be notified sooner. I wasn’t planning on unlocking early anyway, so it’s no big rush. It’s fine for me – of course, I can understand some people might be a bit funny about it.

Great to talk to you, Lisa. Thanks.

No problem. You too.

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