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You’ve heard of willpower, now discover waypower

Dec 1, 2023

Around this time of year, our minds tend to turn towards resolutions around what truly matters to us most. And if you’re reading this, you’ve likely decided what your goal for the year ahead is already. 

The true challenge from here lies not only in setting the goal — but in achieving it. And this is where the concept of 'waypower' comes in. It’s your practical roadmap that complements the motivational drive of your willpower.

Use it to navigate the path forward — the series of actionable steps that turn your goals into achievable plans.

What is waypower?

Whenever we’re making a plan to achieve our goals, we need hope if we're going to succeed. 

And to have the hope to succeed there are two ingredients we need to have.  The willpower, or belief, that we can do it) but most importantly the waypower, that is the way we will actually do it.

Waypower vs willpower

Imagine you’ve set a goal to save for a holiday (nice!). 

Your willpower is what gets you to make the promise to yourself. To resist the temptation to spend on non-essentials, and flex the mental muscle that keeps your eyes on the prize.

This willpower can feel like an unstoppable force when you first create a January resolution. But that’s not to say that as time goes on, it won’t get a little lost without its trusty friend, waypower, to guide the path. 

Waypower is your game plan. It’s essentially the way you are planning to achieve your goal. It might involve budgeting for monthly expenses, setting up a savings technique that works for you, or perhaps even finding additional income streams. Everyone’s journey is different. And it's this holistic approach which will help you reach your goal.

Relying on willpower alone won’t get you there. You need ways to achieve your goals. That’s where waypower comes in. Waypower transforms your willpower into tangible progress and, ultimately, gives you the satisfaction of booking that holiday. (Cue the mental image of yourself slurping a Blue Lagoon cocktail on the beach in six months’ time. You deserve it!)

The art of waypower

So how do you get waypower? You need to take the time to research and understand your options. There will be many different ways that you could possibly achieve your goal. 

Then with the right resources, tools and methods you can decide what’s the best way to help you achieve your goal. It could even be finding the right people to help motivate you. The key is to be flexible. Take the time to stop and find new routes and solutions when obstacles arise.


Finding waypower with Loqbox

Whether you have big dreams of homeownership, plans to start a family or you’re saving for a van to travel around Europe, Loqbox is here to give you a way to get going. Create your journey towards a richer life with us, and we’ll be with you at every stage of achieving your goals. 

Loqbox isn’t just for using credit-building tools or for building financial resilience (although, those things help in isolation too) — but rather, it's about unlocking the waypower that will help you achieve the things that really matter to you in life. Equipping you with knowledge, tools and a supportive community to steer you towards a happier, healthier relationship with money. 

Start this year on a note of hope and action. With a little guidance from Loqbox, watch as the path to your dreams unfolds before you, one step at a time. Tap the link below to get started and see how Loqbox can help you.

With your willpower, and our waypower, anything is possible

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