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Emma’s journey: Can you commit to better credit?

Jan 12, 2018

Improving anything takes commitment. Your credit report is no exception.

Building your credit payment history and improving your credit score takes time, perseverance, willpower and, most importantly, commitment.

There isn’t a quick and easy solution to improving your credit report. It can take months or years depending on your payment history. Keep in mind that hard searches/checks show up in your credit report for approximately a year and negative credit information can stay in your report for up to six years.

Loqbox, you commit to paying your monthly instalments on time in order to build your credit payment histories. Each repayment is added to your credit history and shows lenders that you can be trusted to manage your monthly commitments. At the end of your Loqbox journey (or whenever you choose to unlock), you’ll get whatever you’ve paid in instalments back via one of our partner banks.

Regardless of how you choose to improve your creditworthiness, you’ll have to commit and there’s no way around this.

Why not start by committing to pay all your bills on time? This small step alone can have a positive impact on your credit payment history.


If your credit history isn’t good enough when you need it, it’s probably too late to fix it. Improving creditworthiness takes time. So if you know you’re going to need your credit history in the future (and let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t), it’s best to get started nice and early.

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