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Loqbox helps you on your home buying journey by helping you save and improve your credit score with all three of the UK's main Credit Reference Agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

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You know what your dream home looks like. Loqbox gives you simple, proven ways to get there.

Whether you’re moving out or moving in, finding your first flat or furnishing your forever home:  
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You want the independence that renting a home of your own brings.
Landlords want proof that you can afford your rental payments. Loqbox gives you ways to save for your tenancy deposit and build your creditworthiness.
You want to buy your first home as a first-time buyer or take your next step on the property ladder.
Loqbox gives you ways to boost your credit score, make your rent count,  and save a deposit for your first home. We’ll also help you understand the home-buying process.
You want to make home improvements, like renovating or buying new furniture and appliances.
Loqbox gives you ways to build a savings habit and boost your borrowing power. Find out how to save for home improvements.
You want to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.
Loqbox gives you ways to strengthen your creditworthiness, making it easier to access better mortgage rates.
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Really helpful & friendly customer service, it's easy to use, and IT'S WORKING! As someone who rents, it's been so useful to be able to use my monthly rent payments towards my credit score... so much so, that I've just secured a mortgage on my first house! Thank you Loqbox!


After purchasing my first home because of the benefits of using Loqbox, I have recently been able to afford to update the kitchen and bathroom in my new home. I feel elated! Now I’m saving for a conservatory.


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From saving for a mortgage deposit, to getting approved for a
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Improvements to your credit score guaranteed

Discover ways to start your journey to your dream home

Explore our blogs, guides and articles to feel confident as you set out on your way towards achieving your goal with Loqbox. Discover savings tips for first-time buyers saving for a mortgage and creative ideas on how to save for home renovations.

I went from not being able to get credit at a decent APR to it being much much better after saving with them for 12 months, I have withdrawn my savings and started a new one so in 12 months I have a bulk amount to start doing my garden.


Thanks to Loqbox… I’m now in a better position to apply for my first-time mortgage. I went from 256 points to 687 points within 2 years!! I learnt so much during this period, how to handle my debt, how to manage my score and how to build a better financial status for myself. Thank you!


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  • Credit building with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

  • Build your savings

  • Personalised financial plan and money tips

  • No hard credit check

  • Change or cancel your plan at anytime

  • Credit building with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

  • Personalised financial plan and money tips

  • Build your savings

  • No hard credit check

  • Change or cancel your plan at anytime

£2.50 per week

Our quickest and biggest improvement plan

  • Grow your score by up to 300 points in 3 months when you use all of our tools together
  • Full access to our powerful credit-building tools
  • Make your rent count by using it to build your credit history
  • Boost your credit score by 25 points in the first year or we’ll give you £25
  • Withdraw your savings into an existing bank account for free (usually £30)
  • Priority support
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Our plan to get you started

  • Grow your credit score by 91 points on average in the first year (just activate Loqbox Save and start saving at least £20 per month)
  • Withdraw your savings into a new bank account with one of our partners to keep this completely free for you
  • Or if you’d rather use an existing account, it’s just £30 for your complete credit-building journey
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Improvements to your credit score are not guaranteed