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Welcome to LOQBOX

Ahead of our nationwide launch, be among the first LOQBOX customers in the US. We believe that building your creditworthiness should be simple, free and available to everyone. That's why we created LOQBOX.

With LOQBOX, you can build your credit score by saving as little as $20 a month. All for free.

How it works


Save piggy

Start by deciding how much you can save each month for a year. We set up an interest-free loan for the total full-year amount in your name.


Grow piggy

Build your savings and your credit score by making on-time payments each month, which we report to a major credit bureau.


Unlock piggy

Once you’ve made your final payment, transfer the savings from your LOQBOX into a new savings account for free or withdraw into your own account for $40.

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Helping you along the way

Your savings kept safe

We hold your money safely for you in an FDIC-insured major US bank.

Learn as you go

Get helpful financial tips during your time with us in our biweekly email series, LOQBOX Learn.

Get it all back

Unlock debt-free anytime and get back what you’ve saved so far, but you’ll get the best out of LOQBOX the longer you keep saving.

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  • How LOQBOX works
  • Making payments
  • Your credit score
  • Missing a payment
  • Leaving LOQBOX (unlocking)


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