How does Loqbox work?

Here’s the simple, smart way Loqbox builds your credit score while you save.

3 simple steps to building your credit history


Decide how much you can save into your Loqbox each month for a year. We finance the full amount with a 0% APR loan.


Build your savings and your credit score by making on-time payments each month, which we report to the major credit bureaus.


Once you’ve made your final payment, transfer the savings from your Loqbox into a new savings account for free or withdraw into your own account for $40.

You probably have a few questions

How does Loqbox work?
How much does it cost?
Is my money safe with Loqbox?
Is Loqbox a loan?
Which banks and financial service institutions does Loqbox partner with?

What our users say

Natalie, 32

“I’d like to thank Loqbox for being the support I needed and a great way to save some money at the same time. I’ll be continuing to use Loqbox in the future.”

Lee, 38

“Before Loqbox I had a really bad credit rating. Couldn’t get a loan for a car or obtain a credit card. 7 months on I have a new car on finance and offers coming to me for cards.”

Craig, 27

“I have just completed my 12 months of saving with Loqbox and my credit rating has already gone from ‘very poor’ to ‘good’ all from the help of Loqbox!”

Loqbox is no longer available in your state. If you're an existing member you can still access Loqbox here.