Loqbox FAQs

Got any questions about your Loqbox or thinking of signing up? We’ve captured our frequently asked questions below to make your life a little easier.

Why can’t I join Loqbox?
I am coming to the end of my Loqbox, can I start a new one?
How do I refer a friend?
How does Loqbox work?
How much does it cost?
Is my money safe with Loqbox?
Is Loqbox a loan?
Which banks and financial service institutions does Loqbox partner with?
How do we take payments?
What happens if I want to change my payment method?
When do you report to the credit bureaus?
What time do you take payment on my chosen payment date?
Can I change my first payment date?
Can I change my regular monthly payment date?
When is my payment date?
Can I pay weekly or every four weeks, rather than monthly?
How do I change my funding source for paying into my Loqbox?
What does Loqbox Finance LLC have to do with it?
How do I pay a missed or overdue payment?
What payment methods can I use with Loqbox?
Could using Loqbox harm my credit score?
Isn't there a quicker way to a better credit score?
Which credit bureaus does Loqbox report to?
When will my credit score go up?
Does it matter how much I choose to pay in each month?
What if I struggle to keep up the monthly payments?
Can I crack open my savings at any time?
How do I close my Loqbox (unlock)?
Why can't I unlock my savings into an existing account for free?
I've unlocked. Can I restart my Loqbox?
I've unlocked. Why isn't my last payment showing?
Loqbox is no longer available in your state. If you're an existing member you can still access Loqbox here.