Here’s the simple, smart way LOQBOX builds your credit score while you save.

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3 simple steps to building your credit history


Save piggy

Decide how much you can save into your LOQBOX each month for a year. We finance the full amount with a 0% APR loan.


Grow piggy

Build your savings and your credit score by making on-time payments each month, which we report to the major credit bureaus.


Unlock piggy

Once you’ve made your final payment, transfer the savings from your LOQBOX into a new savings account for free or withdraw into your own account for $40.

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What our users say

Natalie, 32

“I’d like to thank LOQBOX for being the support I needed and a great way to save some money at the same time. I’ll be continuing to use LOQBOX in the future.” *

Lee, 38

“Before LOQBOX I had a really bad credit rating. Couldn’t get a loan for a car or obtain a credit card. 7 months on I have a new car on finance and offers coming to me for cards.” *

Craig, 27

“I have just completed my 12 months of saving with LOQBOX and my credit rating has already gone from ‘very poor’ to ‘good’ all from the help of LOQBOX!” *

Save your way to better credit with LOQBOX

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